Womens Bathing Suits Available at St. Tropez Beach Store

Bathing Suits

As the weather warms up and more and more people flock to the coast to take in the sun and the sand. Old Orchard Beach is situated on a seven mile stretch of pristine white sand beach. Whether you are stopping in for a few hours or a few days, relaxing on the beach should be your top priority!

Need a New Bathing Suit?

If you or a family member forgot to pack a bathing suit, St. Tropez Beach Store is the premier store in Old Orchard Beach for all of your bathing suit and swimwear needs. St. Tropez has everything from men’s bathing suits to women’s and children’s bathing suits. St. Tropez carries a large variety of shorts, bikinis, one piece, and kids bathing suits.

Bathing Suit Fabrics

All of the bathing suits at St. Tropez are made with premium quality fabrics to ensure the utmost comfort when swimming or sunbathing. With such an extensive selection of swimwear, you are bound to find just the right bathing suit for you!
Bathing Suit Styles & Colors
We have a wide range of bathing suits in the following styles:
  • Shorts
  • Bikinis
  • One-Piece
  • Children’s Shorts
  • Children’s one piece and two piece

Bathing Suit Design and Creation

We at St. Tropez, spend our Off-season designing our bathing suits for the utmost quality and fashion for your vacation and post-vacation pleasure, pride, and comfort. We have various materials from light to heavy weight fabrics; full and quarter zipper styles; a wide range of colors, styles and sizes for all. We have a wide range of prices to fit every budget and always have a rack of special sale and bargain-priced items.

Bathing Suit Selection

Come check out our conveniently located Beach Store, well stocked with quality fashion items and beach goodies – you will always find what you want at the best prices on Old Orchard Beach!
We are all looking forward to see you when you visit us.
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