Beach Chairs Available at St. Tropez Beach Store

Beach Chairs

As the weather warms and vacationers begin flocking to the beach at Old Orchard Beach, they often only bring a towel to sit on. If sitting on the sand is not your style or comfortable for you, stop by the St. Tropez Beach Store to pick up a comfy  and easy to lug around beach chair. Most vacationers prefer to sit on chairs because they offer more support and comfort on the beach and are easier to get in and out of, than the sand. St. Tropez carries many of beach chairs of all sizes and styles to appeal to you and your specific needs for style and comfort. From basic metal frame chairs to backpack chairs, with a built-in umbrella or cup-holders, St. Tropez is your one-stop shop for chairs.

Our beach chairs are made with the best materials to provide you with a chair to last many trips to the beach and to offer lasting comfort later at home or at a park.

Beach Chair Styles Available:

  • Chairs with a built in Umbrella
  • Chairs with a cup or phone holder
  • Chairs with backpack strap attachments
  • Extra Wide and Sturdy chairs
  • Metal Frame chairs

Beach Chair Product Development

We at St. Tropez, spend our Off-season selecting the beast beach chairs made from premium materials to allow our customers to relax on the beach, a park or at home in true comfort time and time again.

Come check out our conveniently located Beach Store, well stocked with quality fashion items and beach goodies – you will always find what you want at the best prices on Old Orchard Beach!

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