Beach Toys Available at St. Tropez Beach Store

Beach Toys

As the weather turns warmer, families come with their kids and grandkids to Old Orchard Beach to escape the heat and enjoy the Summer and the beach. It is no secret that kids are not always easy to entertain or keep busy and for that reason the St. Tropez Beach Store has an extensive selection of beach toys for your child’s desires. St. Tropez carries anything from unicorn beach floaties to sand castle building molds and shovels. Even if you are without a child, but a child at heart, St. Tropez carries a wide selection of frisbies, volley balls and footballs.

Our beach toys are made with premium materials to provide you with the best experience for the money. The beach toys are designed to last well beyond your weekend at the beach.

Available Beach Toys:

  • Floaties/ Inflatables – Unicorn, pizza, French fry, popsicle, classic, ring
  • Goggles – adults and children, snorkel gear
  • Sand Castle Molds – large assorted bucket, small assorted bucket
  • Shovels – big and small
  • Sports gear- footballs, frisbies, soccer balls, volleyballs, baseball and bat combo

Beach Toy Development

We at St. Tropez, spend our Off-season selecting the best beach toys for your summer vacation at Old Orchard Beach. We choose the highest quality and best materials available for our toys to have been made from as well as the styles that they come in.

Come check out our conveniently located Beach Store, well stocked with quality fashion items and beach goodies – you will always find what you want at the best prices on Old Orchard Beach!

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