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Our Beach Fashions & Products.

When visiting the beach, our customers want to look stylish, feel comfortable and have fun and useful products to maximize their time and enjoyment during their Old Orchard Beach vacations. St. Tropez features a large variety of products, in many styles & colors, all designed and made for your pleasure and use at the best prices possible. Many vacationers come for their vacation without bringing all the products they want to have for their vacation and simply plan to pick them up when they arrive.

Over the decades we paid close attention to the products Old Orchard Beach vacationers are looking for and we strive to have it all available for your selection in fresh fashionable colors, most modern styles and at the best possible prices.

Product Design and Manufacture:

We spend our Off-Season designing our beach fashion and other items using the best quality materials and colors for your vacation enjoyment, as well as your Post-Vacation pleasure, pride, and comfort. We have various materials, styles, designs at a wide range of prices to fit every budgets. We always have a rack of special sale and bargain-priced items.

Come check out our conveniently located Beach Store, well stocked with quality items and beach goodies – you will always find what you want at the best prices on Old Orchard Beach!

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