Beach Towels Available at St. Tropez Beach Store

Beach Towels

After taking a dive into the waters of the North Atlantic off Maine’s sandy coast, you may want to dry off using a soft beach towel. If the waters are too cool for your taste, you may just want to simply lay out on the beach and suntan. Whichever is more your pace, our customers stop by our conveniently located beach store to pick up a towel before heading to the beach for the day.  The St. Tropez Beach Store carries a wide selection of towels from premium 100% cotton towels to double width beach blankets. Some of our towels have an Old Orchard Beach design to not only be functional, but also serve as a souvenir.

Our beach towels are made with the best materials to provide our customers with a towel that will last many trips to the beach and to serve as a reminder of the wonder vacation they enjoyed at Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Beach Towels Available:

  • Animal designs – dogs, cats, horses, unicorns, dolphins
  • Classic- single color, striped, Old Orchard Beach
  • Double width beach towels
  • Logo licensed – Harley Davidson, Sponge Bob, Sesame Street
  • Premium- Futa 100% cotton Towels


Product Development

We at St. Tropez, spend our Off-season designing and selecting the best towel fabrics for your vacation at Old Orchard Beach. We choose the best available designs and materials for each towel. St. Tropez features a wide range of towels to appeal to every budget.

Come check out our conveniently located Beach Store, well stocked with quality fashion items and beach goodies – you will always find what you want at the best prices on Old Orchard Beach!

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